PS 19 PTA Committees


Who Gets to Chair, Join, or Assist a Committee?

All PTA members are eligible to chair, join and/or assist at least one Committee.  Interested?  Contact the Executive Board at volunteer@ps019 (dot) com.


What Do Committees Do?

Committees are responsible for coordinating specific PTA activities that are essential to a proper functioning PTA.

  • Are you interested in getting members involved in PTA events or school activities, especially those that are not focused on fundraising?  Want to assist in Kindergarten & 8th Grade graduation ceremonies?  Have a great idea for an event or activity that will strengthen the school community and build camaraderie?  Consider the Membership Committee.
  • Are you interested in assisting the PTA with fundraising?  Do you have a great idea for a fundraiser?  Consider the Fundraising Committee.
  • Are you interested in determining how the PTA uses its funds?  Consider the Budget Committee.
  • Are you interested in providing a welcoming, warm environment when the PTA has an event or assists with a school activity?  Consider the Hospitality Committee.
  • Are you interested in the PTA’s election process?  Want to encourage members to run for and hold elected office?  Consider the Nominating Committee.
  • Are you interested in making sure the PTA satisfies its financial obligations to members, as articulated in the Association’s bylaws?  Consider the Audit Committee.


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