First Year Committee

Volunteers welcome

What is the First Year Committee? — Because many PTA strategy decisions are made in the spring (during the previous school year), new PTA parents can sometimes feel left out of the association’s decision-making process. To address this concern, the First Year Committee gives new PTA parents resources to have an immediate impact on PTA activities.

Who’s on the First Year Committee? — New PTA parents, in addition to the PTA Co-Presidents

When Does the First Year Committee Meet? — The committee meets at the discretion of its members. It is required to provide an update of its activities to the Executive Board once a month.

What’s the Committee’s Mission? — The committee’s mission is to build and strengthen parent engagement and P.S. 19 student enrichment. It may focus on any theme, event, or activity along these lines; however, the committee’s activities should not be used for fundraising.

Does the Committee Have a Budget? — It does. The committee has $500 budgeted for its activities. As with all other committees, expenditures need to be pre-approved by the PTA Executive Board.

How Much Volunteer Time Does the Committee Require? — There is no minimum requirement.


I am a First Year parent and want to join!

Email your PTA at volunteer (at) ps019pta (dot) com and let us know!

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